Eminent Luggage: Style and Function in Every Bag

About the Corporation

Eminent Luggage Corporation is Asia’s largest luggage maker, which was organized by Ming-Chen Hsieh, Eminent Luggage’s Chairman of the Board in April of 1979. It has its principal offices situated in Tainan County, Taiwan; while its manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. To date, this top-selling luggage maker has been serving over 50 countries worldwide.

Eminent Luggage’s chief products are luggage bags, wherein a person has an option whether to have a hard-cased or soft-cased trolley and bags. Their other products include wallets, belts and travel accessories.

Eminent Luggage Products

Luggage Sets

To be specific about the Eminent Luggage sets, for hard-sided cases, there are: Koeln, Troy, Pisa, Rocket, Waterfall, Keyboard, Mask, Frog, Diamond, Honeycomb, Butterfly, Konstantinople, Wavelets, Fly Penguin, Spin Beetle, and Four Seasons.

Soft Cases

On the other hand, for Eminent Luggage soft cases, they have: Venice, Como, Bodrum, Rome, Crochet, Comfort, Elegance, Ankara, Fashion, Kiei, Zurich, Alexandria, Style, Simplicity, Nivelles, and Curve.

Soft Bags

Conversely, Eminent Luggage soft bag series include: Renaissance, Noble, Graffito, Resolution, Timer, 79 Hippo, Round, and Classic.

More About Eminent Luggage

What makes Eminent Luggage well-liked by people from all walks of life is that every detail of the bags is carefully considered to make sure that lightweight Eminent Luggage is produced for the comfort and safety of all users. Moreover, because every International traveller luggage is produced with the travelers in mind, the bags are built with compartments, key and lock provisions, as well as tough grips and pulls for easy carry around. In addition, bigger bags are intentionally built of a trolley design with wheels for easy glide.

Lastly, Eminent Luggage options for hard or soft cases vary a lot depending on the use and frequency of travel. While all product lines are durable, hard cases work better in keeping cargoes and contents in good shape, especially during instances when the flight luggage are not handled well by the cargo personnel.

Where To Buy Eminent Luggage

People who wish to buy Eminent Luggage has various sales networks to choose from, all over the world, namely in: Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, England, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Zurich.

One can get any Eminent Luggage for a reasonable price considering the guaranteed quality of all their products. Moreover, cheap Eminent Luggage may be available during clearance sales anytime within the year. In order to know more about product features, it is suggested that people visit the respective Eminent Luggage stores, so that they get a firsthand assessment of the bags. Alternatively, they may want to check out the company’s official website to be informed of the latest news and updates.


Caring for Eminent Luggage Products

As a final note, people must be aware that the durability of the products would still depend on the user’s proper care and maintenance. One care tip would be that just like any other, the luggage bag should not be overloaded, as there is a tendency not only for the bag not to close properly, but also for the locks not to work well. Then again, the good news is that any Eminent Luggage should not be difficult to clean, as the nylon and polyester material of the bags do not allow dirt and stains to set in easily.